Father’s Day Homemade Gifts for Kids to Make

Looking for some Father’s Day homemade gift ideas for the kids to make Dad this year? In this collection you’ll find 18 creative and memorable DIY gifts children can make for Father’s Day. These homemade gifts make wonderful keepsakes and are sure to be loved by Dad! Follow our Father’s Day Gift Ideas Pinterest board!     Today’s post includes all kinds of […]

Personalized Tin Can Pencil Holder Craft for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

Here’s a simple tutorial for making a tin can vase or pencil holder craft. It makes a wonderful, homemade gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day! Follow our Crafts for Kids Pinterest board!     These homemade pencil holders or vases made from tin cans are super easy for kids of all ages to make! […]

Father’s Day Craft: Tie-Shaped Bookmark Using Tear Art

Here’s a simple Father’s Day craft for kids to create that would make a special homemade gift for Dad! These homemade bookmarks are made using a tear art technique with newspaper- perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. I think any dad or grandpa would be excited to get one of these special, homemade gifts for Father’s Day! […]

Children’s Books List for Father’s Day

I love including sets of children’s books in upcoming holidays and special events. Here’s our favorite list of children’s books for Father’s Day! These would make special gifts for kids to give Dad. Children can even write a little note on the inside cover and date it. What a special keepsake that offers lots of opportunities […]

Father’s Day Printables: Free Book for Kids to Make Dad

Don’t kids say the cutest things? Here’s a special way for fathers to remember all the sweet things their children say about them- a free printable Father’s Day book for kids to make! (This post contains affiliate links.) Are you following our Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Inspiration Pinterest board?   With Father’s Day getting […]

Crafts for Kids: Handprint Art on Cork Board

Here’s a beautiful handprint craft for kids that would make a perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift! The handprint art (or any other artwork you’d like to make) is painted directly onto the cork board, making a great pin board for coupons, photos, or little notes! Are you following our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas […]