Friendly Ghost Craft for Halloween

Here’s how to make an adorable and easy ghost craft for Halloween using fabric. These are super simple to make, and the craft can be modified to be done with kids of various ages too. Perfect for a Halloween party to decorate your home for the upcoming holiday! Follow our Halloween for Kids Pinterest board! […]

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom with Fabric Strips

Learn how to do weaving on a cardboard loom using fabric strips in this easy tutorial. Weaving is a great way for kids to work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Follow our Crafts for Kids Pinterest board!     I am a huge fan of teaching children to weave! No matter the age […]

Easter Crafts: Egg Suncatchers Made with Painted Fabric

Here’s one of our most unique Easter crafts for kids- egg suncatchers made with painted fabric. Kids love the experience of painting on a canvas other than paper, and the painted fabric looks so beautiful hanging in a sunny window! Follow our Easter for Kids and Family Pinterest board!     I think these fabric egg suncatchers […]

How to Marble Fabric

If you’ve ever wondered how to marble fabric or are looking for something fun to do on your own or with older children,  you’ll love today’s post! I recently marbled my own fabric right at home, and both the process and results were so amazing! Are you following our Homemade Gift Inspiration Pinterest board?   Ever since the kids […]