Spider Web Halloween Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun and easy Halloween craft for kids that encourages fine motor skills practice and turns out really cute- spider webs made with popsicle sticks and yarn! These are super simple to create and make great Halloween decorations for the home or classroom.

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Popsicle Stick Crafts: Make a popsicle stick and yarn spiderweb craft with the kids for Halloween!


We used common craft supplies to make these adorable yarn and popsicle stick spider webs for Halloween! They’re super easy to make and make the perfect Halloween decorations for your home or classroom. This post contains affiliate links.


Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb craft for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spider Web Craft for Kids

Materials for Spider Web Craft for Kids



Halloween Crafts for Kids: Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb

Directions for Making the Spider Web Craft for Kids

1.  Glue three popsicle sticks together. I used a hot glue gun to eliminate the wait time for drying.


glue together three popsicle sticks to make your spiderwebs


2. Paint your popsicle sticks with tempera paint.


paint your popsicle stick spiderwebs


3. Once the paint has dried, cut off a long piece of yarn.


yarn in Halloween colors


Tie one end to a popsicle stick.


tie yarn to your popsicle stick spiderweb


Wrap your yarn around each popsicle stick. (Although preschoolers most likely will not able to make their yarn look exactly like a spider web, they can still wrap yarn around the popsicle sticks in any way they choose. They’ll still be proud of their finished Halloween decoration and even gain some fine motor practice too!)


wrap the yarn around your popsicle stick spiderwebs


4. Once your done wrapping the yarn, tie the end to a popsicle stick. Leave a tail of yarn for hanging your spider web.


Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb craft for Kids


5. Add a spider to your web if you’d like! We added a sticker spider to our web, but you could also make a mini version of our pom pom spider craft. (Wouldn’t these stickers be cute too?!)


Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb craft for Kids

spider web craft for kids using popsicle sticks and yarn


Halloween Craft for Kids: Spider Webs made from popsicle sticks and yarn! Fun fine motor practice and make such a cute decoration for the classroom or home! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. DANA shackelford says:

    Not a sticker, a spider ring!!

  2. My six year old first grader loved this craft. Thank you!


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