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STEM Challenge for Kids: Design a Paper Plate Marble Maze

In this STEM challenge for kids, children will create a paper plate marble maze game inspired by pinball machines using just a few common craft supplies and a marble. Follow our STEM for Kids Pinterest board!   This post contains affiliate links.   In our most recent science club, I challenged my students to create a pinball-like […]

15+ Crafts for Kids that Really Fly

Here’s all kinds of fun crafts for kids to make that really fly! You can turn these crafts into STEM activities by challenging children to make modifications in order to adjust the speed, direction, or distance of their homemade toys. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Crafts are fun to make, but […]

Cut Paper Art for Kids

This cut paper art project for kids is super easy, and you’ll only need a few common school supplies to make it. Because it’s so simple, this art activity makes a great rainy day project too! Follow our Crafts and Project for Older Children Pinterest Board!   In this easy art project for kids, children […]

Awesome Harry Potter Gifts for the Super Fan

Looking for some super cool Harry Potter gifts for the super fan in your life? Here’s all kinds of Harry Potter gift ideas perfect for birthday or Christmas presents! Be sure to check out our Harry Potter Birthday party ideas!   So we finally have a Harry Potter super fan in our midst! Who’d have […]

Preschool Process Art Activities Perfect for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get messy and have some fun creating, so I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite preschool process art activities with you! Be sure to check them all out below. Follow our Process Art for Kids Pinterest board!       Process art activities are one of our […]

Reflection Science with Light Patterns in a Box

This box of light patterns is absolutely the coolest science activity for kids we’ve made yet! We explored how different colors of light are reflected in mirrors and observed the various patterns of light created. This is definitely a must try! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   Exploring mirrors and reflections is always fun for kids […]

STEM Challenge for Kids: Build a Shelter from the Sun and Test it with UV-Sensitive Beads

In this fun STEM activity for kids, children will design and build a structure to protect an animal craft (made from UV-senstive beads) from the sun. If the beaded animal changes color, students know the shelter did not work and have the opportunity to make improvements. This design challenge is a wonderful hands-on science and […]