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Winter Wonderland Small World Play

Here’s a super fun sensory play activity for preschoolers- Winter Wonderland Small World! It’s easy to set up and inspires all kinds of imaginative play! Follow our Winter Play and Learning Pinterest board!   *This post was originally published on January 11, 2014 and has since been updated.   This week I’ll be collaborating with five other amazing […]

12+ Children’s Books about Rocks

Here’s some of my favorite children’s books about rocks. You’ll find both fiction and nonfiction books perfect for any science unit on rocks and geology. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   Integrating Literature into Science I strongly believe in the importance of integrating books and literature into any science unit. By having a selection of […]

Free Winter Printables for Kids

Here’s over 20 free winter printables for kids! You’ll find winter games, winter learning activities, and more! Follow our Free Printables Pinterest board!     With winter quickly approaching, I’ve been on the lookout for some free printables to keep the kids busy over the next few months. I’m so excited to share all my finds with […]

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament Using Newspaper and Flour

This homemade Christmas tree ornament made from newspaper and flour is actually a fun sensory activity too. It’s perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and up! Follow our DIY Christmas Ornaments Pinterest board!   *This post was originally published on November 16, 2014 and has since been updated.   These paper mache-like Christmas tree ornaments are actually a lot easier to […]

DIY Silhouette Christmas Ornament for Kids

This homemade silhouette Christmas ornament is super easy to create and makes such a special keepsake. This simple ornament is definitely worth making with your child, and older children can even make their own! (These homemade Christmas tree ornaments make wonderful homemade gifts!) Follow our DIY Christmas Ornaments Pinterest board!     I absolutely adore having keepsakes […]

Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project for Kids

This silhouette winter tree art project uses some really cool art materials and techniques. Kids will love the process of creating this winter tree artwork using tissue paper, starch, and more! Follow our Winter Crafts and Learning Pinterest board!     We’ve been on an india ink kick lately when it comes to creating. (We’ve used it […]

Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids

Combine art and math with this symmetry Christmas tree art project for kids. All you need to get started is some paper, scissors, and glue! Follow our Christmas for Kids Pinterest board!     My students always loved making these symmetry jack-o-lanterns each fall, so I thought we’d use the same technique to create Christmas trees! […]

Oil Pastel Winter Tree Art Project for Kids

Here’s a simple winter tree art project for kids using oil pastels. This art activity provides a wonderful way for children to explore different shades of cool, winter colors while creating their very own winter tree drawings! Follow our Art for Kids Pinterest board!   I love how these winter tree drawings look so vibrant, and they’re […]