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STEM Activity for Kids: Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures

In this STEM activity, children use various loose parts and play materials to create mazes, structures, and obstacles for their Hexbugs. This activity is an absolute hit with kids and promotes all kinds of learning: planning, problem solving, engineering and building, creativity and more! (This post contains affiliate links.) Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Have you […]

12 Creative Activities for Kids Using Ping Pong Balls

Wondering what else you can do with ping pong balls besides playing ping pong? Turns out there’s all kinds of ping pong ball activities out there, including some really fun ones for kids. Here’s some of our favorite creative activities for kids using ping pong balls! (This post contains affiliate links.) Are you following our Creative […]

Floating Ping Pong Ball Science Activity

Create a floating ping pong ball with just a few materials- perfect for demonstrating the Bernoulli Principle. Both kids and adults will love this hands-on science activity! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     You guys are going to LOVE this science activity! We had so much fun exploring the Bernoulli Principle with our infamous ping […]

Geometry for Kids: Quilt Activity Using Triangles (Free Printable)

Children can create all kinds of designs using triangles with this free printable four-square quilt template. This geometry activity for kids provides all kinds of practice in spatial awareness and is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board!     One of my favorite themes to do with children is quilts! Studying […]

Children’s Book List: Picture Books about Quilts

Our newest children’s book list is all about quilts! Books about quilts provide all kinds of opportunities to explore quality fiction and nonfiction and also inspire all kinds of math and art projects for kids. We share some of favorite picture books about quilts below! Be sure to check out all our activities for kids […]

Gardening with Kids: Planting Seeds with Free Printable

Gardening with kids is one of my favorite activities to do year round! In the cold winter months you can even start seeds indoors. Children can then observe changes as the seeds begin to sprout and grow over time and record their observations on the free printable recording sheet! NGSS: Disciplinary Core Idea LS1.C Follow our Outdoor […]

Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures

Marshmallow toothpick structures are always a hit with kids, and these heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks are all you need for this fun STEM / STEAM activity for Valentine’s Day! Be sure to check out all our Valentine’s Day ideas for kids!   My kids and students have always loved building with marshmallows and toothpicks (and we’ve also created […]

Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids: Heart Votives

If you’re looking for easy valentine crafts for kids, you’ll love these heart votives! Kids always enjoy making them, and these tissue paper votives also make sweet valentine gifts for teachers and loved ones. Follow our Crafts for Kids Pinterest board!     Lucy still remembers making this mason jar lantern a little over a year ago. She was so proud […]