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Halloween Games for Kids (for both Group Play and Independent Play)

Looking for some fun Halloween games for a classroom Halloween party or just to play at home? Here’s all kinds of fun Halloween games for kids of all ages! Follow our Halloween for Kids Pinterest board!     I’ve been so excited to share this collection of Halloween games with you- even just reading through all […]

Press Here Inspired Tossing Math Game for Kids

Kids will love making their own hands-on math game inspired by the popular children’s book, Press Here by Herve Tullet! It’s a great way to practice those gross motor skills while also practicing counting and comparing numbers! Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board!   We have been on such a roll with activities for kids […]

How to Preserve Leaves: Fun Fall Craft for Kids

Have you ever wondered how to preserve leaves? We tried out two different methods- one using glycerin and one using wax paper. Here are our results and how you can try with kids for a fun fall craft! Follow our Fall Crafts and Learning for Kids Pinterest board!     Once the first local trees started […]

Sorting Coins with Beginning Letter Sounds

Add a whole new element to the math skill of sorting coins by including beginning letter sounds in the activity. We printed out large copies of all the beginning letter sounds of coins and sorted our own coins right onto the letters. It was such a great way to incorporate the names of coins, counting, […]

14 Art Projects for Kids Using Sponges

Who knew there were so many cool art projects for kids that use sponges? We’re huge fans of using sponges in art- they are perfect for little hands and create such neat designs and patterns when painting. Here are 14 really unique art projects for kids using sponges! Follow our Art for Kids Pinterest board!   14 […]

Finding Number Patterns Using a Hundred Chart (with Free Printables)

Keep on reading to discover activities to do with the hundred chart, as well as download a free printable hundred pattern book! Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board! Benefits of a Hundred Board Exposing children to hundred charts at an early age can be so beneficial. Not only can a hundred board serve as a math resource for younger […]

12 Science Experiments and Activities for Kids You Can Do Right Now

Looking for a fun science activity you can do right now with the kids? Here are 12 of our favorite science activities and science experiments for kids that require materials you probably already have at home! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how […]

Press Here Playdough Activity

Here’s a simple sensory playdough activity for kids based on the popular book, Press Here by Herve Tullet. This activity is a great way to encourage sensory play, creativity, pattern making, and storytelling! Follow our Children’s Book Activities Pinterest board!     Last week I shared a fun necklace craft based on the story, Press Here. This […]