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Outdoor Process Art for Kids Using Colored Salt

We were inspired to create this salt art activity for kids after a recent visit to our local museum where an amazing salt installment by Motoi Yamamoto was on display! This cool process art project is so easy to set up and provides hours of creativity for children! Follow our Art for Kids Pinterest board! […]

30 Apple Crafts, Play Recipes, and Activities for Kids

Apples are one of our favorite themes for fall! Here’s all kinds of creative apple crafts, apple play recipes, and apple activities for kids! Follow our Fall Crafts and Learning Pinterest board!   With fall just around the corner, apple crafts have definitely been on our brains lately. I love how an apple theme lends itself to all kinds […]

Yarn Art Inspired by Harold and the Purple Crayon

Harold and the Purple Crayon is one of our favorite classic children’s books. We were inspired by the story to create these purple yarn art sculptures! Follow our Children’s Books & Activities Pinterest board!   (This post contains affiliate links.) The Preschool Book Club is back this week with creative activities for kids inspired by the story, Harold […]

Blotto Painting for Kids in Fall Colors

Kids always love blotto painting! It’s such a fun surprise to open up your folded paper and reveal your finished blotto art! In this process art project for kids, you’ll be creating blotto paintings using fall colors! Follow our Fall Crafts & Learning Pinterest board!     Have you tried creating blotto pictures with your kids are students […]

Our 16 Top Fall Crafts and Activities for Kids

Here are our top fall crafts and activities for kids on Buggy and Buddy from over the past year. You’ll find all kinds of fall crafts, fall learning activities, and fun fall themed play inspiration for the kids! Follow our Fall Crafts and Learning Pinterest board!     I can hardly contain my excitement… it’s almost […]

Fall Alphabet Art Project: Mystery Letter Tree

This mystery letter fall tree is a great way to combine art and literacy in a super fun way! The project can even be modified to provide letter recognition and sound practice, turned into a name activity, or set up as a way to practice spelling words. Follow our Fall Crafts & Learning Pinterest board!   […]

Fall Craft for Kids: Stuffed Paper Apples

I’m always looking for a quick and easy craft for kids, and these stuffed paper apples are one of my favorites for fall! They combine many different types of techniques from sponge painting to lacing, and are easily adaptable to just about any age. Follow our Fall Crafts & Learning Pinterest board!   (This post contains affiliate […]

Counting Math Game for Kids

Here’s a counting math game for kids perfect for practicing one-to-one correspondence. It’s super easy to make and lots of fun for the kids! Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board!     Theo, my preschooler, has been showing a huge interest in counting! He loves counting orally to ten, and I’ll often overhear him trying to count […]