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Bug and Dirt Sensory Play with Writing Response

Whenever I create a play or learning activity for my kids (ages 2 and 5),  I like to try to make it very open-ended. By allowing them to explore on their own without too much involvement, I’m able to provide them with the opportunity to create and imagine. Open-ended activities are also great when you […]

August Learning Calendar for Kids (Free Printable)

This free printable learning calendar for kids is a great way to practice so many math skills! I created these to use in my classroom back when I taught in the primary grades, and now Lucy is enjoying learning with them here at home. As each month comes to an end, I will be posting […]

Learning Map Skills with an Outdoor Bug Hunt

  Looking for a way to combine learning, creativity and fun? We had so much fun creating bugs and learning map skills while we played! Head on over to Gummylump’s Summer Camp at Home Series where we’re sharing how to do an outdoor bug hunt!  Click here to come check it out!     

Science for Kids: Chemical Reactions Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

In this science activity, children will explore chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   Kids always love experimenting with baking soda and vinegar. We decided to add food coloring to the ingredient list to prompt even more discoveries! (This post contains affiliate links.)   Exploring Chemical Reactions with Baking […]

Learning About Feelings: An Easy to Create Learning Center for Kids

Here’s a simple center you can set up at home or in the classroom to help children explore emotions and learn about feelings! Are you following our Creative Play Pinterest board?    The Importance of Exploring Feelings One of the most important things I try to teach my children is to understand and name their […]

Science for Kids: Sink or Float (with Free Printable)

Kids love discovering which items will sink or float! It’s a great hands-on science activity for kids of any age and really gets kids thinking and predicting. Here’s how we set up our sink or float science project, as well as a free printable kids can use to record their observations. Follow our Science for Kids […]

Our Summer Nature Table

Find a special corner or shelf in your house to collect nature treasures from outside! Here’s how we use a nature table in our home during the summer season.   It’s always interesting to me to see how our nature table changes throughout the seasons here since we have such a moderate climate. We don’t […]

Homemade Toys & Learning Activities from Felt

I love making simple toys for my own kids or as gifts for others. And one of my favorite materials to use is felt! It seems like the possibilities of what you can do with felt are endless, and the best part is it’s so easy to work with. You can cut it without worrying […]