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Exploring Fingerprints (Science for Kids)

Welcome to another Science Invitation Saturday where we explore science for kids! Last week we played with bubbles and even made our own bubble wand and bubble solution. This week are going to explore fingerprints!   Materials: ink pad paper magnifying glass (optional) fingerprint record sheet    Procedure: Everyone’s fingerprints are different. Let’s see what your fingerprints look […]

Bubble Science (Plus~ Make Your Own Bubble Solution and Bubble Blower)

Welcome to another Science Invitation Saturday where we explore science for kids! Last week we made reflecting rainbows using a CD and flashlight. This week are going to experiment with bubbles! Materials: bubble solution (recipe below if making your own) large container to hold bubble solution shallow dish or cookie sheet 2 straws 1 piece of string (about […]

7 Days of Science Fun

I am so thrilled to be over at  Rainy Day Mum today sharing some of my favorite science experiments! Please stop by and join in the fun! Click here to head on over: 7 Days of Science Fun    

Children’s Books List for Father’s Day

I love including sets of children’s books in upcoming holidays and special events. Here’s our favorite list of children’s books for Father’s Day! These would make special gifts for kids to give Dad. Children can even write a little note on the inside cover and date it. What a special keepsake that offers lots of opportunities […]

Father’s Day Printables: Free Book for Kids to Make Dad

Don’t kids say the cutest things? Here’s a special way for fathers to remember all the sweet things their children say about them- a free printable Father’s Day book for kids to make! (This post contains affiliate links.) Are you following our Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Inspiration Pinterest board?   With Father’s Day getting […]

Crafts and Activities with Corks

  We have been saving our corks for years. I’ve always figured there must be something neat to do with them, but have never gotten around to using the corks for anything more than having the kids stamp circles with them. So I decided to search for some cork inspiration~ so many neat ideas out […]

Encouraging Confidence and Creativity in Children {Book Set}

  “Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” ~ Pablo Picasso Instilling Creative Confidence in Kids As an adult, I’ve never seen myself as creative. Somehow growing up I lost any confidence I had in creativity. However, I’m determined to do my best at instilling creative confidence […]

Making a Spool Car (Science for Kids)

Of all the science for kids we’ve done over the past few months, making a spool car is by far one of Lucy’s favorites! I’m so excited to be sharing just how we did this over at one of my favorite blogs, Train Up a Child! Please head on over and join on in the […]