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Beach Themed Sensory Box (Sensory Activities for Kids)

With the days slowly warming up, we are spending more and more time outdoors. Since we don’t yet have a sandbox in our backyard, I thought it might be fun to do our own little version of a sandbox.  The kids and I brainstormed and came up with an outdoor sensory box using sand~ a […]

Crafts for Kids: Handprint Art on Cork Board

Here’s a beautiful handprint craft for kids that would make a perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift! The handprint art (or any other artwork you’d like to make) is painted directly onto the cork board, making a great pin board for coupons, photos, or little notes! Are you following our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas […]

Children’s Books about Trees & Tree Activities

National Arbor day is almost here. (It’s always the last Friday in April.) In celebration of Arbor Day, I wanted to share some resources for children that  you may find useful.  Some of our favorite books about trees: A Tree Is Nice by Janice May Udry   The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail […]

Math for Kids: Learning Coins Through Play {Free Printable}

By encouraging various kinds of play activities using money, you’re not only helping your children or students with learning coins, but you’re also providing them with the opportunity to practice other important skills like sorting, counting, and even letter sounds. And the best part- all you need is a bunch of coins! (There’s also a free coin poem […]

Tooth Fairy Art Project

Now that Lucy is 5, she is so excited to finally have a visit from the tooth fairy. She is constantly checking her teeth to see if they are becoming wiggly. So when one of my Kindergarten teacher friends showed me this tooth fairy art project, I knew I just had to do it with […]

Science for Kids: Baggie and Pencil Magic

Here’s a fun science activity for kids of all ages! What happens when you put a sharp pencil through a baggie filled with water? Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Baggie and Pencil Magic Science Activity Materials for Baggie and Pencil Magic plastic baggie sharp pencil water   Procedure for Baggie and […]

Satchel and Map from Just One Paper Bag for Creative Play

We love paper bag crafts, and one of our favorites is this explorer satchel and map made from only one paper grocery bag! Kids will love pretending to be explorers or pirates on a treasure hunt with their own exploration kit. Follow our Crafts for Kids Pinterest board!   Playing and creating with brown grocery bags has […]

Outdoor Activities for Kids: Go on a Sound Walk (with free printable)

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for kids? Head outside and take a sound walk! Print out our free printable sound walk and listen for all kinds of sounds outside! Are you following our Outdoor Play & Learning Pinterest board?   Looking for more quality outdoor activities for your children? I am always on the […]