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Learning to Read Series: Part 5- Maintaining Interest in Books

Welcome to part 5, the final part of the Learning to Read Series! Maintaining Interest Over Time~ In the past posts of this series we’ve talked about integrating books into your day and ways to prepare your child for reading with phonics and phonemic awareness. The last thing I wanted to share in this series […]

Paper Mache Treat Holders for Halloween

I finally decided it was time to venture in to paper mache! I have not done it since I was a kid, and I remember loving it back then! So I figured the perfect paper mache project this time of year would be treat holders for trick-or-treating!   Paper Mache Treat Holders for Halloween 1. […]

Homemade Wrapping Paper

I really think making your own wrapping paper is so much more fun than buying some at the store, and it definitely adds a personal touch to your gift. So far, Lucy’s favorite way to decorate her gift wrap is with paint! (For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.) This past weekend, Lucy had two […]

Learning to Read Series: Part 4- Play Letter and Phonemic Awareness Games Often

Welcome to part 4 of the Learning to Read Series! Play Letter and Phonemic Awareness Games Often~ Children are developing pre-reading skills all throughout the early years of their lives. Frequent and fun exposure to books isn’t the only way to get kids ready to read. You can also help them develop pre-reading skills by […]

Fun Visit to Daddy’s 4th Grade Classroom

Today after picking up Lucy from preschool, we thought it would be fun to go visit Daddy in his 4th grade classroom for lunch! We stopped by one of our favorite restaurants, got some food to go, and headed over to Daddy’s school. While we were there enjoying our meals,  Daddy also had some kids […]

Art Projects for Kids: Ikea Bookshelf from Spice Racks

Have you seen all the cool ways people are using the IKEA spice racks as bookshelves? I found so many fun examples on Pinterest and just had to get some for our house too. I love the size~ they aren’t overbearing and hold a decent amount of books. And I love that they can display […]

Learning to Read Series: Part 3- Following Your Child’s Lead

Welcome to part 3 of the Learning to Read Series! You can seee previous parts of the series here~ Part 1- Making Books Accessible Part 2- Making Books Part of Your Routine Part 3- Follow your child’s lead~ don’t push. The best way to instill a love of reading is just by listening to your […]

Learning to Read Series Part 2- Make books part of your routine.

Welcome to part 2 of the Learning to Read Series! (See part 1 here~ Making books accessible.) Part 2-  Make reading part of your routine. There is so much to be gained from reading with your child every day~ Children get quality time with you and, thus, develop a positive connection to reading. Young children learn […]