Light Science for Kids: Ways to Explore Refraction and Reflection

Here’s a fun collection of light science for kids! You’ll find light science experiments about both light refraction and light reflection in this science roundup.

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Light Science for Kids: Science activities and experiments about light refraction and light reflection!


Because we have been having so much fun with our most recent light science activities, I decided to round up some more fun science ideas for kids having to do with light. You’ll find ideas for examining light refraction (the bending of light) and light reflection (when light bounces off an object) in this collection, as well as science experiments for various ages- from preschool and on up!


10+ Light Science Activities for Kids

Light Refraction and Rainbow Science

rainbow science ideas for kids

Make a Spectroscope Using a Cardboard Tube from Buggy and Buddy

Explore Light Patterns with a CD and Paper from Buggy and Buddy

Rainbow Science: Exploring Prisms from Buggy and Buddy


rainbow science experiments for kids

Light Box Magic from True Aim

Making a Rainbow with Water and a Mirror from No Twiddle Twaddle


Light Refraction with Water

light refraction with water science for kids

Water Refraction Science Experiment from What Do We Do All Day?

How to Make a Magnifying Glass from Science Sparks


Light Reflection and Mirrors

light science for kids

How to Make a Kaleidoscope from Buggy and Buddy

Exploring Reflections with Mirrors from Buggy and Buddy

science for kids using mirrors

Water, Mirrors, and Reflection from My Nearest and Dearest

Exploring Shapes and Patterns in a Mirror Box from The Imagination Tree

Exploring Reflections with Mirrors from Little Bins for Little Hands

STEM / STEAM for Kids: Explore light patterns with a mylar light box.

Explore Light Patterns with a Mylar Light Box from Buggy and Buddy



Light Science for Kids: Science activities and experiments about light refraction and light reflection!




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  1. These are some great ways to teach kids about light science. Kids normally don’t enjoy science, because it’s hard to understand, but these are great! I will have to try and make one of those cardboard tube spectroscopes.

  2. Isabella says:

    This really helped me thank You!!! 🙂


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