The Best Activities for Kids from Buggy and Buddy- 2013

2013 was such a year of growth for Buggy and Buddy! Can you believe we actually passed 1,000,000 views in 2013?! I am just floored! Thank you so very much for all the support and encouragement this first year as I learned the ins and outs of blogging. 

It’s been such an amazing experience sharing our activities for kids and hearing the feedback and excitement from you all!

I received so many pictures and stories of many of you doing our activities at home or in the classroom. I can’t even express to you how much joy that brings. As grateful as I am to be home with my children in their early years, I very much miss being with a class full of students.  Hearing about the successes you’ve had with activities on Buggy and Buddy helps me feel this love of teaching even though I’m out of the classroom. So thank you all so so much!

Top 10 Activities for Kids from Buggy and Buddy for 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, I’d love to share with you the top 10 posts from Buggy and Buddy for the year 2013! 

Monarch Butterfly Wings Tutorial

We made these felt butterfly wings to wear to our local butterfly parade. (They also make a great Halloween costume or dress up clothes for pretend play.) I just absolutely loved the pictures I received from many of you sharing your colorful felt butterfly wings made from this tutorial!

Felt Butterfly Wings Tutorial~ Buggy and Buddy


Weaving with Kids

The kids loved creating with these mini weaving looms made from popsicle sticks! I had leftover fabric and ribbon scraps for them to use to create. Later we took these outside to weave with natural materials!

Homemade Weaving Looms from Popsicle Sticks~ Buggy and Buddy


Salt Art

After visiting our local art museum and seeing some beautiful salt artwork, the kids and I were inspired to create our own art from salt at home! We used various outdoor surfaces (like our porch and deck) to create colorful salt artwork!

Creating Colored Salt Art with Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Number Patterns with a Hundred Chart

This past year Lucy has shown such  great interest in numbers. This post shares many activities you can do with a hundred chart, as well as a free printable for finding number patterns on a hundred chart!

Finding Number Patterns in a Hundred Chart~ Buggy and Buddy


Dancing Raisins Science Experiment 

This simple science experiment has been our most popular! The kids loved watching these raisins “dance”, but my favorite part was how much this activity inspired all kinds of predictions and critical thinking.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Chromatography Butterflies

This science activity involves separating the colored ink in markers. It’s always fun to see how excited the kids get when they see the results. And I love how the end product of this activity is perfect for creating art!

Chromatography Butterfly Science Experiment for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Making a Kazoo

Another topic that came up frequently this year was learning about sound. One of our favorite ways to explore sound was making our own colorful kazoo!

Making a Homemade Kazoo: Science for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Egg Drop Challenge

Taking part in an egg drop challenge was one of Lucy’s favorite memories from this past year! I’m sure we’ll be doing this science activity again this year!

Egg Drop Challenge: Science for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Decorate the Felt Christmas Tree

This felt Christmas tree was so simple to create and provided lots of fun for both Lucy and Theo. (Not to mention it made a great holiday decoration!)

Decorate the Felt Christmas Tree~ Buggy and Buddy


Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art

I introduced Lucy and Theo to using chalk stencils with this Christmas light art project. Lucy was absolutely enthralled with this and has since made many more related art projects!

Art for Kids: Chalk Stencil Christmas Lights~ Buggy and Buddy

I’d love to hear your thoughts for the upcoming year. Are there any topics or activities you’re interested in reading more about? What were your favorite posts from last year?

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