Apple Science for Kids: Exploring the Inside of an Apple

Here’s a simple apple science activity for kids– exploring the inside of an apple! Children will have the opportunity to discover what’s inside an apple and record their observations on a free printable recording sheet- a little apple booklet. This easy science activity makes a great addition to any preschool or kindergarten apple unit for fall.

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Apple Science for Kids: Exploring the Inside of an Apple


Kids always love exploring the world around them, and it’s especially meaningful to learn about everyday objects- like apples! In this hands-on science activity, children will get to explore the inside of an apple and record their observations in their free printable apple booklet. This activity was inspired by the nonfiction children’s book, Apples by Gail Gibbons.

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Exploring the Inside of an Apple

Materials for Apple Science

free printable apple recording sheet

Directions for Apple Science

1. Place an assortment of apples out for children to explore. Talk about how the apples feel and look.


apple science for kids


2. Pass out the apple recording sheet and have children color the front of the apple page. They can color it to look like their favorite kind of apple!


color apple recording sheet


3. Fold the sheet in half along the dotted line.


4. Cut out the apple shape, being sure to leave a small segment of the folded edge in tact so the apples don’t come apart. (Young children might need help with this step.)


cut out the apple recording sheet


5. Now you have an apple booklet!


apple booklet printable


6. Have kids make predictions about what they will find inside the apples once they are cut in half.



7. Have an adult cut the apple in half, and let the children observe what’s inside. (You will find the core, seed chambers, and seeds.)



8. Kids can record their observations inside their apple booklet.

Older children can also write a few sentences describing what they see.


apple science for preschoolers and kindergarteners


9. When you’re done, cut up your science activity and eat it as a snack!


Apple Science for Kids: Exploring the Inside of an Apple

Ways to Extend the Apple Science Activity

  • What happens when you cut the apple in half horizontally rather than vertically? Does it look the same or different. (You should be able to see all five seed chambers.)
  • Have an apple taste test by tasting a variety of apples. Make a graph sharing everyone’s favorites.
  • Use the cut apple halves for stamping apple patterns. This activity also includes a free pattern recording sheet.
  • Use your remaining apples to make homemade applesauce in the crockpot!
  • Read some picture books about apples. One of our favorite nonfiction books is Apples by Gail Gibbons.


Apple Science for Kids: Exploring the Inside of an Apple ~

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Fall Science for Kids: What's Inside an Apple? Hands-on science activity inspired by the children's book, Apples by Gail Gibbons. Includes a free recording sheet- an apple booklet! ~

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